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I'm a soundwave tsunami and I'm fuckin' up your Christmas!!!

Stay still... I'll get you a towel.

Mattias' Bitch
16 October
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I am the infamous Russ-Dizzle. I'm an audio engineer educated at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Arizona. I am addicted to music... all kinds. Cheesy or horribly unique, poppy, crappy... I love it all. Especially modern 80's style (C4, Racer X, etc...). Crazy shit like Buckethead and Bumblefoot is awesome, jazz like Charlie Hunter Trio or Charles Mingus, soul/funk like Bootsy Collins, Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, funny rap like mc chris or MC Lars, radio rock like Breaking Benjamin... pretty much anything. Except for rap where you just have some lame ass being a shitty stereotype, or most country.

Yes, I am retarded enough to blab that much about music to strangers. Currently I'm interning for various companies and groups doing projects from mastering books on tape to recording and editing public service announcements. It's all just sort of killing time until December when I have the opportunity to audition for THE MAN, Steve Vai, to intern on his next studio album. But we'll see. If that doesn't pan out, I'll probably be taking a job in Fort Wayne, IN. For the time being I'm just trying to balance interning, work, relaxation, and my love/hate relationship with girls. I'm generally a nice guy, and I HATE childish people.

*rocks your face off with a Richie Kotzen*

By the way, I'm super single.

P.S. Send me lots of money so I can buy an SSL console, k?